Lenartowice Palace

Lower Silesia’s Heart of Good Taste


Lenartowice Palace is a classicistic mansion surrounded by a vast green area. Mansion’s history dates back to 1650 when Elias Bachstein rebuilt it. In 1845 the residence was taken over by Edward Alexander Roth who was controlling entire village and its surroundings. The last noble family residing in Lenartowice - von Westarps, left the mansion in 1945. At the beginning of the 21st century, the entire complex was restored by a Polish family according to the original design. The village of Lenartowice has a long history of the quality beverages brewing. Already in 1661, the imperial court in Vienna granted Lenartowice the official brewery rights. Later on, the mansion naturally turned into the Meli Melum Cider House that functions until today. Contemporary owners are opening the Palace to the broader audience to establish it as the heart of good taste in Lower Silesia.

Lenartowice Palace has 7 restored ensuite apartments, including a 100-square meter Honeymoon Suite. The complex also features a separate Guest House that can accommodate up to 8 guests. Besides apartments, the main building features a library, living room with the fireplace, cabinet and dining room connected to the hand-crafted kitchen.

W Pałacu znajduje się biblioteka, salon wypoczynkowy z kominkiem, gabinet oraz wszechstronna jadalnia połączona z ręcznie robioną kuchnią. Na terenie obiektu znajduje się 7 odrestaurowanych apartamentów z łazienkami ensuite, w tym 100-metrowy Apartament Małżeński. Dodatkowo na terenie folwarku wybudowano dom gościnny.

The original old cellar features an intimate SPA: sauna, winery, bar and swimming pool with direct entrance to the garden. The Palace is surrounded by a 200-year-old parc with two ponds. The area was completed with additional elements such as barbeque cottage, over-the-pond bridge, bonfire place and small beach.